Learn to Ride Clinics

These kiddo-friendly clinics are brought to you by Bicycle Colorado, a non-profit organization that believes everyone should have the opportunity to become a safe and confident bicyclists and enjoy the many benefits of riding a bike. They can provide resources, knowledge and skills for all ages and levels of riders through the education programs below. Visit their website for more information.

Our learn-to-ride lessons will get kids and adults pedaling in a fun, safe and supportive environment. We use an effective gliding technique that has most students pedaling within the two hour class! Bikes and helmets provided.

Confident Commuting Workshops

Feel safer and more confident when you ride to work or around your local streets. The workshops cover bike selection, clothing and gear, safety tips, laws/rules of the road, bike infrastructure, route-finding and basic maintenance.

Bicycle Rodeos

A bicycle rodeo gives children a safe space to practice bicycle maneuvering and safety skills that they will need while navigating their neighborhoods. Bicycle Colorado will set up and facilitate an outdoor rodeo with obstacles including a stop box, “rock” dodge, ride the line, cone weaving and a snail race. Bikes and helmets provided.

Youth Bicycle Safety Presentations

Presentations cover the benefits of using active transportation, rules of the road, signs and signals, how to check yourself before a ride and how to perform a bike safety check. Students also have opportunities to share their knowledge and experiences and engage with each other and the educators.

Group Rides

Bicycle Colorado will discuss safety and rules of the road before guiding a group ride to school, work or around the neighborhood. Prior to the program, Bicycle Colorado will scout out the safest route and opportunities to highlight and practice safety, etiquette and different types of infrastructure. Bikes and helmets available.

Maintenance Clinics

Learn how to perform basic fixes and maintenance on your bike. We will cover bike parts, essential tools, a safety check, flat fixing, brake adjustments and chain resetting, cleaning and lubrication.

Bicycle-Friendly Driver Courses

Learn how to best share the road with people on bicycles to help make our streets safer. This 1.5 hour interactive class covers common motorist-bicycle crashes and how to avoid them, legal and illegal behavior of motorists and bicyclists and how to navigate on-street bicycle infrastructure. Upon successful completion of a short exam, participants will receive a Bicycle-Friendly Driver certificate and window sticker to display on their vehicle.

Dockless Bike Share Demos

Bicycle Colorado will coordinate a demo event in partnership with a dockless company. Residents will have the opportunity to view and ride the bikes, learn logistics of the app and check-out system and hear about the benefits and feasibility of a dockless bike share in their community.

Walk Audits

With participation from school, community or parent representatives, Bicycle Colorado will survey school grounds and surrounding streets to document and evaluate infrastructure and behaviors. The information gathered will be compiled in a report along with recommendations, and can be used to inform route planning/mapping, infrastructure improvements or school, district or city policy.