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Sunday June 2, 2019

Douglas County Event Center

100 Mile Road – Century
62 Mile Road – Metric Century
56 Mile Gravel
40 Mile Road
27 Mile Gravel
8 Mile Family Ride

TEAM Y is bringing out the best in themselves and all of us in support of the YMCA of Metro Denver. TEAM Y members will take on Elephant Rock, a Colorado cycling tradition of expos, amazing scenery, and multiple course options, as they race for positive change for kids, seniors, families and community. Change a life with every mile! Join TEAM Y!
Our Mission
For over 144 years, the YMCA of Metro Denver has transformed lives throughout Denver with innovative programs and services for healthy living, youth development and social impact. More than a gym, the Y is committed to delivering health and wellbeing for all, developing confident and resilient kids, and responding to the needs of communities.
Our Team
TEAM Y members believe in the mission of the YMCA, and every mile they go changes lives. Funds raised through TEAM Y go directly to support youth sports, swim lessons, disease prevention, lifestyle medicine, and more, plus scholarships and financial aid so that everyone has access and is always welcomed at the YMCA

Great first time at ERock. Won’t be my last and everyone was awesome at the aid stations and on the course.

David Marsey

Great ride once again! Thanks for all the support and another awesome year.

Tracie Mucha