Each year, disc brakes become more prevalent on a wider variety of bikes. And why wouldn’t they? Disc brakes increase braking power, modulation, and bring our bikes braking surface away from the ground to increase braking ability in all conditions! Those things are pretty awesome, so for this weeks Maintenance Monday, we will discuss a few tips for maintaining our most important safety feature.

1. When your rotor is not in its home between the brake pads (like when you take the front wheel off to shove your bike in your tiny sedan) don’t squeeze the brake lever. The pistons in your hydraulic caliper will push the pads together so you will not be able to get the wheel back in its place. If this does happen, don’t worry! Just grab a pad spreader or a clean tire lever and push the brake pads apart.

2. Never touch your rotors or pads with your bare hands! The oils in your hands (also degreasers, chain lube, etc) will contaminate your pads and make them squeal like a pig down the trail.

3. Always make sure your rotor is straight (true) and your pads have enough braking material before you begin your ride.

4. Check your levers. If your brake lever pulls all the way to the handle bars, it is probably time to take your bike in to the shop for a brake bleed.

5. Finally, always inspect hydraulic brakes for leaks near the reservoir on the lever, along the housing, and at the caliper. If you find fluid, take your bike to your local shop guy or gal!

Well-maintained brakes allow you to ride faster with confidence, so get out there and shred happy!

-Provided by Liv Cycling USA