Amanda Knutson

Amanda is a long-time cycling enthusiast and advocate.  Since age 9, she has been riding in week-long events and often jokes that she was born and raised on RAGBRAI.  In her current home of Boulder, CO, she is an active member in the cycling community as a brand ambassador, a member of a local team and a regular attendee of group rides and two-wheeled adventures. 

Previously a director at Race Across America, RAAM Challenge Series and the 6-12-24 Hour World Time Trial Championships, she now handles has much of the digital marketing, design, and operations management at ClippedIn Events. 

Upon joining the ClippedIn Team, she assisted in executing the inaugural year of Haute Route Rockies, leading the sales team in the CO Bike Expo, and was responsible for much of the design & logistics coordination for Tour de Vineyards. 

When she’s not plugged-in, you can find her climbing high into the dirt roads of the mountains, making pottery, timing races, or camping in the woods with her two huskies.