1. Don’t leave your wet clothing in a pile Liv Race Day Long Sleeve Jersey

When you return from your ride you might find your clothes soaked!  If you don’t plan on tossing them in the washer immediately, hang them to dry.  This will help prevent odor-causing bacteria to grow and dissipate the odor put into your clothing during your ride.


2. Don’t re-wear your dirty cycling clothes Liv Race Day Bib Shorts

It might sound convenient or even eco-friendly to re-wear lightly used jerseys and cycling shorts, but it is best to start with a fresh kit every ride.  Odor will build with each wear and bacteria is likely to develop especially on the chamois of your cycling short which can cause rashes and saddle sores on your skin.


3. Zip Up and Seal Velcro Liv Passion Short Finger Gloves

When clothes are tumbling around in the washer they can cause damage to one another.  Velcro on your gloves and shorts can cling to gentle garments and cause pulls and tears. The zippers on your shorts and jerseys might have the potential of damaging other clothes or even pulling off.  Try turning these items inside-out as an extra step to ensure safe washing.


4. Delicate Wash and Dry Liv Lux Merino Quarter Socks

Cycling clothes are an investment, but as we all recognize purchasing a high quality kit with antimicrobial fabric and advance wicking materials makes our experience on and off the bike much more enjoyable.  Return the favor to those items by washing on the gentle cycle and air drying.  Pay close attention to the care instructions on each item of clothing.  Note that wool blends might request hand-washing only.


5. Can’t get the stink out? 

Try specially designed laundry detergents and/or additives that help kick that stench out.  Spraying stains with isopropyl alcohol or presoaking in white vinegar can also help to eliminate odors.  Be sure to test these remedies first before doing a full treatment to ensure it doesn’t affect colors.


-Provided by Liv Cycling USA